My funny pets

I adore my pets. Anywhere I go in my house, within a few minutes they are both there. They like to keep me company when I’m working in the office, and they’ve both recently adopted new places to hang.

Abigail likes it near the computer.

And Olive has decided she likes to sleep under the extra work station.

6 thoughts on “My funny pets

  1. OMG Jules, I didn’t know you had a cat too–and I almost cried when I saw her pic because she looks EXACTLY like my (late) kitty, Samhain. We raised Sam and her brother Ducky from bottle-fed kittens, but they both died around the same time a few years ago.

    Anyway I hope to get another cat soon–hopefully while the puppy is still young enough to accept him.

  2. Aww, I love our doggy too, we have a 15 year old doberman named King. His day consists of waking up from a nap to go take another nap preferably atop the fiancees feet.

    Have you ever noticed how beautifully Olive and your hardwood floors match?

    Happy shooting,

  3. Aren’t they wonderful! My baby Blossom is my baby. They bring so much joy to your life. Your babys are so cute. 🙂

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