Family photo SAFARI!

Many of you know that my twin sister, Joy, is an essential part of the Jules Bianchi Photography team. She is my second shooter for all Bay Area weddings (and a few lucky Los Angeles ones when we can time it out right!) as well as (award winning) album designer, image editor, publicity manager, etc.

Even though we live far apart, we communicate by cell phone and IM every single day. In fact, we were just IMing tonight when she started sending me images from the safari she just took with her family! She doesn’t really have time to go to Africa, but there is an amazing place called Safari West in the lovely wine country of Santa Rosa that will bring Africa to you!

Here are some of Joy’s great shots:

On the way to an adventure! (I love that Millie has headphones and Penelope is watching a DVD. When I was a kid, we had to count cars…)

Millie & Brett

Encountering a tall friend…

Penelope, budding photographer!

More wildlife…

7 thoughts on “Family photo SAFARI!

  1. Great Pictures Joy! I love animals and that tour really looked like fun. The girls look like there growing up so fast but so adorable. Great pics!

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