My Wonderful Clients

I feel so incredibly loved and fortunate! Firstly let me explain just how grateful I am to have the job I have and the opportunity to spend the one day of my clients lives with them that they will treasure forever. After viewing their slideshow and receiving their keepsake book of highlights in the mail, my July 21st clients, Stephanie & John sent me the most thoughtful gift. My present was a matching make-up and toiletry kit to use on my many travels! I’m constantly on the go, so it is just the perfect thing. And I love how its in Jules Bianchi Photography colors, too!! THANK YOU, STEPH & JOHN!! I love you guys!

To me, though, I just love reading how happy they are:

2 thoughts on “My Wonderful Clients

  1. Hi Jules (and Joy)
    You attract such wonderful clients because you are so wonderful! You totally deserve it. You rock!

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