My new toy

I owned a 1973 3.0 CS BMW for eight years. I had bought it for myself as a birthday gift, and I adored that car. I actually got choked up watching it drive off the day I sold it. (I bought it for $6000 and sold it for $5500 eight years later… I always thought that was pretty great.)

I have searched on and off for a model just to have for sentimental reasons, and I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I took my X3 in for service. Getting coffee in the salesroom, I discovered not only a tiny model of my beloved car, but one in the same color! Okay, the interior is different (mine was camel and this one is navy) but I couldn’t leave without it.

Petite Blythe and Olive kindly help demonstrate the size:

Here is my actual car the day I sold it.

6 thoughts on “My new toy

  1. Oh, Jules, you owned a 2002?!?! My dad drove that car (in a much worse condition however) growing up and I’m determined to buy one for myself in the near future. Aren’t they the best cars ever?! 🙂

  2. Oh, Jules, what a car! I absolutely love vintage cars. So cool that you found a mini version of it.

    p.s. That photo of you and Olive is sweet.

  3. Hi Nedra!! You have the most thoughtful daughter! Oh, I don’t mean to hijack the comments section! I LOOOVE your little car and the pic of you with your old car…. you’re soo cute. Love u sis.

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