F-Stop Beyond

My very innovative friend, Ron Dawson, launched a very cool new site called F-Stop Beyond.

The concept is this:

“F-Stop Beyond, a show that journeys into the heart of the visual artist. It’s our hope that this will be a program unlike any other. One that will reveal the underlying textures and personalities of your favorite photographers, videographers, and filmmakers. Beyond the techniques and talent, this show is about people. The people behind the lens. The souls underneath the exterior. Beyond brands and beyond the hype.”

Love it! Ron interviewed me earlier this month at PartnerCon, and I’m on the show this week!! Even though he got the sound on his video camera, the interviews are sound only. You can click on the bar below to hear it or just go to F-Stop Beyond.

5 thoughts on “F-Stop Beyond

  1. You are such a nice person on this blog. i feel like i can sense your kindness and excitment and your passion for weddings. I hope I get to meet you in person one day. So many people blab about themselves in a pompous way and it gets old REAL fast. But I noticed on this blog, that you are amazingly humble (despite HUGE TALENT). You’re awesome jules. keep rockin girlfriend. go get ’em tiger. nice job on the ‘zine spread.

  2. Hi Juliet (and Joy!)……I really enjoyed being able to hear you speak……….

    I wish there was a visual with that sound clip (a video). Maybe it didn’t work!?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit in this picture. Too cute.

  3. Your too cute. Even your voice is so cute. Its sounds like you guys were having a blast. I’m so glad I learned more about you. Your a fun and awesome person. Thanks for sharing a little more of your personailty with us. 🙂

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