Growing your business and your photography

I just wanted to remind you that there are only three more days to get the December rate of $300 for the Lighting Seminar that I am offering with John Mireles. We are nearly full, so sign up soon!

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Also, I am offering a 10% discount on my “Tea for Two” private mentorships for those who are also signed up for the Lighting Seminar. The Tea for Two is a really casual, fun way to learn. I have really enjoyed teaching photographers from around the country! Check out the following quotes written both to me and about me from a few of them.

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“This past Saturday I flew into my home town of San Diego to meet fab photographer Jules Bianchi. She has these great ‘Tea for Two’ sessions that allow photographers like myself to learn about topics such as Branding, Marketing, Lighting, Workflow…to name a few. Jules was so incredibly generous with her knowledge and smart about the business. I learned a ton! Jules was also kind enough to take me along to shoot her San Diego wedding with her. It was great to see her at work!” Erin Kate of Erin Kate Photography, Salt Lake City, Utah

“My ‘Tea for Two’ session was amazing. Having you one on one was invaluable. What else can I say. I’m a better photographer because of it. I’ve been to several seminars with a few of the greats…Joe Buissink, Bambi Cantrell, Jerry Ghionis…all were awesome, but you gain something different one on one that I don’t think you can compare. Thank you for answering my long list of questions, showing me some cool new tricks and for helping me become better than I was. That’s huge, and I so appreciate it.” Amy Trahant of Take Aim Photography, Connecticut

“Thanks for sharing your time with me, Jules. Talking to you about my specific concerns was like confiding in a friend who not only had my best interest in mind, but also understands photography and business. I look forward to another session in the future. Keep up the positive energy!” Veronica Slavin, Ventura California

“Mentoring with Jules has been a wonderful turning point in my business. She not only helped me see where I was truly at, but she helped me realize what I needed to do to bring my business to where I wanted it to go. She then gave me some steps so that I could begin to take my business to that next level. I am working on making many of the changes we talked about, and I am looking forward to seeing everything unfold. Jules was so easy to talk to because she has such a wonderful, warm and fun personality. I can’t thank Jules enough for the time she spent with me!” Michelle Robinson of Michelle Robinson Photography, North Carolina

“Jules’ Tea for Two mentoring session was a great insight to how she has created a very unique brand in a fast growing industry. I feel that the information I learned can be applied to so many different areas of my business and will be a turning point in my business this year.” Mike Mijangos of Mango Tree Photography, Hawaii

“Jules, I really enjoyed meeting with you. You were easy to talk to and gave me some great ideas for my business.” Melody Farrin of Melody Farrin Photography, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

4 thoughts on “Growing your business and your photography

  1. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou. (Happy New Year) Jules!

    Thanks so much for all the wisdom you shared with me this year. I am looking forward to another great year in 2008.

    Happy Holidays from Maui!

    A Hui Hou! (until we meet again)


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