I want to take a few minutes to not only wish everyone a very prosperous and wonderful 2008, but to talk for a second about how you might make a good year into a great one.

I spent most of today with my sister and mother writing down our goals for 2008. Goal setting is very important, but WRITING DOWN your goals is just as important. I’ve heard it said that writing down your goals will make you 80% more likely to accomplish them. I know it certainly helps me shape my days when I have goals to move toward.

I broke my lists up into two groups: personal and business. Then I categorized the goals by date… meaning I wrote down dates and what goals were supposed to be accomplished by that time. Its very exciting!

Its important to set realistic and attainable goals that are as specific as you can make them. For instance, rather than writing down that I wanted to be a better guitar player, I gave myself a specific date by which to learn a new song. This way I can track my progress and put a nice fat checkmark next to this goal after its done.

I think its important to consider small, fun, personal goals as well as big, serious business goals. Both are equally important for a fulfilling life.

I have been in the Bay Area since a few days before Christmas, and because I have my first wedding of 2008 on Janurary 5th, I will be here until then. I have really been enjoying this time with my family. When I’m in Los Angeles, its easy to get caught up in the minutia of my daily life and forget how important it is to nurture relationships with those who matter most.

This is a shot of me and my twin sister, Joy, that my Mom took of us a few days ago. Thanks, Mom!!

11 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Jules, i love you soo much! Thanks for being such a great motivator to me. Can’t wait for Saturday’s wedding, let’s keep our fingers crossed about the weather.

  2. My 2008 goals are in progress. Can’t wait to see what exciting things the new year bring. Best to you and your family this 2008. 🙂

  3. It’s great to hear about your setting goals, and that’s exactly what you told me to do at our mentoring session. I’m still working on my 2008 goals, but it’s easier since you helped me out immensely. Happy New Year!

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