The Getty Center

Today I met Natalie & Kyle up at The Getty Center for their engagement session. I love shooting engagement sessions because it gives me a chance to get to know my couples a little bit more before their wedding day. I’m really looking forward to theirs this May because Natalie & Kyle were super easy going and fun to be around. Thanks for a fun afternoon, guys!!

7 thoughts on “The Getty Center

  1. Great work Jules, as always. I shot an engagement session there once and we were “quietly” escorted out by security. Did you get a permit, or were you trying to stay under the radar? I’d like to shoot there again, but I don’t want to worry about being showed the door, or tram, or whatever! Good work though!

  2. Alright, way to work in the radial blur. I am obsessed with capturing motion in a photograph if suits the subject. Sweet! Again, great work with incorporating the architecture.

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