Happy Birthday, Penelope!

After my engagement shoot on Saturday, I headed back to my sister, Joy’s, house to photograph my niece, Penelope’s, 7th birthday party. This year the theme was Webkins, and my 16 year old brother, Jeffrey, (the good sport that he is) showed up as the Webkins’ “Chef Gazpacho” to bake Popsicle Cookies with the girls!

I was SUPER impressed that my mother personalized aprons for each girl by embroidering their name and the face of Chef Gazpacho onto each one! I have the best family. If you would like anything embroidered, you can see more information about her services by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Penelope!

  1. It’s always so fun when you are in town. And the bonus pictures are wonderful, as usual. Hurry back!

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