Another Jules Cafe contest

You might remember that I spoke at Kevin Kubota’s Digital Photography Bootcamp last month. Man, that guy’s got skills! I have been using his actions for years…Check out the online store if you want to pick some up for yourselves:

The Jules Café contest is going to be a fun one. The prize is Kubota’s latest product– the award winning RAW Workflow for Lightroom!

This new tutorial, available as an interactive program on DVD, helps photographers learn how to efficiently use Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom!”. Kevin Kubota’s comprehensive, easy-to-follow teaching technique streamlines the process of working with RAW files in Lightroom. Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom takes the user step-by-step from proper organization, to efficient editing, to quickly adjusting the images, to enhancing, to final presentation. Kevin shares his insider tricks that have made his workflow tutorials and workshops an overwhelming success. More than just another Lightroom “Manual”, this interactive instructional is based on a proven workflow system used daily by busy digital studios.

Since Kubota’s mantra is to EMPOWER PHOTOGRAPHERS, we want your best tip, or your worst nightmare. Email Joy at the story of your best practices or what NOT to do, and we’ll pick the winners from the stories, as well as share some of them on Jules Café! Title of email: Kubota contest. Deadline: May 25th.

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