Jules Bianchi speaks for the PPGBA

Tonight I gave a presentation as part of the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area’s May Four Nights. This marks the third time I have spoken for the PPGBA. I am always so flattered when they ask me to speak, but this time I was especially honored to be included in the line-up because the other three speakers are the talented Marc Benjamin, Gene Higa and Anna Kuperberg.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for participating in my talk. I had a really wonderful time!

4 thoughts on “Jules Bianchi speaks for the PPGBA

  1. Yes, I had the presentation on my computer… We talked about “How to Find Clients Who Love you (and will rave about you to their friends!)”

    It was really great!

  2. Hi Jules,
    I looking the pictures and you are using your Laptop and the projector. What was the Topic? Did you have it already in your computer?
    Paulo Jordao

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