An intimate wedding, Downtown Los Angeles

josh & heidi
may 31, 2008

Saturday’s intimate wedding took place in Josh & Heidi’s downtown loft in a 100 yr. old bank building, 5 floors up, in front of the wall of windows and the fire escape where Josh proposed. He is a used book-dealer, so there are tens of thousands of books shelved and stacked everywhere around the apartment. Of course I was thrilled to discover that their dog, Hero, was the ring bearer!

I thought Heidi’s make-up was beautifully done by Lenore Todd. Also, I would like to thank Shannon Leith who referred Heidi & Josh to me.

Everyone threw streamers at the new Mr. & Mrs.

Their wedding cake was the funkiest thing I’d ever seen – it was a castle with a tower of books on top and graffiti to reflect their downtown urban home below.

12 thoughts on “An intimate wedding, Downtown Los Angeles

  1. This was one of the most beautiful,unique and inspiring weddings we have ever attended and at our age we have wintessed many many weddings! Grandma Spencer

  2. amazing. what a beautiful couple. such a cool idea for a wedding and so much beautiful attention to detail and passion. you really told the “story” well 🙂 deb

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