Jules Bianchi, featured speaker!!

This marks the fourth time I’ve spoken for The Pictage Partner Conference. I think its so much fun to see so many photographers in one place and be able to connect. My talk was titled “Love & Happiness” and addressed how to keep yourself in love with photography while still running a business that makes you happy.

Thank you to those who attended my seminar – especially my sister, Joy, and my boyfriend, Marty, who came just to support me. Thank you also to Joy and Frances Marron for shooting the following photographs!!

me and my twin sister, Joy. Thank you, Gene Higa, for this shot!

9 thoughts on “Jules Bianchi, featured speaker!!

  1. Jules! Thanks so much for your inspiring talk at PartnerCon. You really hit home and lit a fire under my butt, so thank you for that! Just want you to know how much I appreciated your open sharing. Looking forward to reporting back to share my goal achievements in a year.

    Hi to Olive too 😉

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