engagement session in SoHo, New York

Joy & I were supposed to leave town very early Sunday morning, but when Shiao & Jeff offered to fly us out later so that we could do their engagement shoot in SoHo the next day, we said, “Another day in New York?? Absolutely!” We love New York.

Because they are going to be moving to the Bay Area in a few years, Shiao & Jeff really wanted to have their engagement shoot be representative of their lives in New York now. They live in a stunning apartment, so we decided to start our shoot there.

Shiao is really fun and full of energy. (and I really loved her pink pj bottoms)

Their kitchen was all clean lines, except for this gorgeous piece of art.

Shiao & Jeff are seriously almost too cute for words. Matching stripey socks.

The battle for the remote.

The view from their living room was amazing.

I thought this round chair on the back patio was fantastic. Perfect for looking up at the stars together.

SoHo was very busy…

…not that Shiao & Jeff seemed to notice.

We hopped in a cab and headed over to Union Square.

Shiao & Jeff did not disappoint when it came to the styley shoes!

Thank you both for showing us around SoHo. We are really looking forward to your wedding in Napa next June!!

15 thoughts on “engagement session in SoHo, New York

  1. Ok, seriously, those are too cute. Besides your mad photography skills, you completely captured this couple exactly as they are all the time. They are real and authentic pictures of them. Love it!!

  2. THE standout picture in this post, at least for me, is “The battle for the remote” – one of those pictures that says it all, cherished long after the rest have faded and held tight to the chest when the other is gone. I hope they have an archival print of this and that they look at it every day. What a joy!

  3. I heart NYC!!! This was such a fun week, and all of you couples made it that much better. love love love to all of you!

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