2008’s Greatest Hits!

Its that time of year again! All of my weddings have been shot and I can present to you a slideshow with highlights of the highlights. I love so many images from this year that it was extremely hard to narrow them down. But here for your viewing pleasure is my wedding highlights for 2008!

If you’re interested, here are links if you’d like to check out Greatest Hits from 2007 or 2006.

8 thoughts on “2008’s Greatest Hits!

  1. Wow, I know how talented you are, but still, seeing all of the images together like that is a great reminder of where I would like my business to be as well. Thank you, and happy new year!

  2. Really awe-inspiring!

    Some of the shots that stand out are the flower girl looking at the ring bearer as they walk down the isle (with a second flower girl). That is WAY too cute. I like the first couple by the ocean. I like the one of the husband and wife where the husband is wearing his tennis shoes with his tux (as I believe he did at the wedding. Really cute). Anyway, and they are in the street, and she is laying across and putting her head on him.
    ANYWAY, here’s to 2009. I hope you will do more portrait/family pics, as I always love those too.

    Jeanne PS. That lady is totally lame who wouldn’t sell you a pair of glasses. There won’t be too many more parties of people celebrating 2009.

  3. i love it sissy! it is such an honor to be able to work with you and get to know all of your wonderful clients. love to all of you!!!

  4. I’ve said it before..you have some of the happiest brides!…but I’m still a fan of the dog/yawn shot. I’m a dog lover. I get to shoot a wedding on New Years Eve on the end of Ventura Pier at sunset…I’m soo happy…my element. Thanks for inspiring and hanging in as a Pictage leader. Have a Great New Years!

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