Happy New Year!!

Today I’m going to try to avoid the computer, emails and the phone and sit down with Marty to write out our goals for 2009. I know there is a lot of gloom and doom out there about the economy, but I am feeling optimistic and I’m going to try to create realistic goals for myself and my company. I am looking forward to a positive, successful year, and I with that for you and your families, too!

I stole this image from Olive’s Blog because it was just too cute not to post here, too. We called all over town to find the 2009 glasses and couldn’t believe that the one store we found who had them wouldn’t break up the bag of 25 that they came in. It seemed to me that December 31, 2008 would pretty much be the LAST day you could hope to sell novelty “2009” glasses, but they refused to open the bag and sell them by the pair.

Jessica came up with the brilliant pipe cleaner idea. They fit Olive much better than the store-bought ones would have anyway!!

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