Kevin Kubota interviews me!

Kevin says:
“What started as idea for a presentation at the IUSA convention in 2009, grew into something much larger. I planned to interview 10 successful photographers, whose businesses I was somewhat familiar with, and see what they could offer as their top success tips. My list grew, and I actually interviewed 12 photographers and 2 other prominent business people, author Guy Kawasaki, and CEO Tony Hsieh. I became so excited and inspired by what I heard, that I knew I would have much more to share than what would fit in a 90 minute presentation. So, I will post the full interviews for each person here over the coming weeks and, who knows, maybe I’ll continue my interviews and make a book someday?”

I say: “yes please!”

Click on the image to check out the interview, or just click here.

3 thoughts on “Kevin Kubota interviews me!

  1. i left a comment on the actual interview page…just wanted to make sure you got it..sorry if it shows up twice!

    hi! i have been following your blog for a little bit now…always appreciating how open, honest, informative, fun and approachable you seem;)
    i am newer to the ‘business’ end of photogrpahy (have been shooting for years) but i think that no matter what stage you’re in, this kind of question and genuine answer session benefits all.
    btw…jules, i’ve been in the film business for 20 years now…as a stylist. you are quite right about the director and producer thing. how many times have i seen someone ‘walk’ out of nowhere and be ‘it’ while others have been paying their dues for ever!!! that’s show business!

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