Moms with Cameras workshop in the Pacific Palisades

The workshop I held on Thursday was so much fun! Thank you to Kolo Albums who provided every mom with a cute Noci photo album, and to Tamrac Bags who provided adorable point and shoot camera cases from their new Safari collection for everyone. Thank you to our wonderful host, Karee, who provided her home for us to meet in. And finally, thank you to my sister, Joy, for putting the whole thing together!

Every time I give this talk, the hours go by very quickly. So that moms can review it at their own pace, I’ve decided to sell the whole thing on DVD.

The moms got so excited to get presents from our fabulous sponsors along with the workshop! Everyone brought their own cameras and got to try some hands on practice too. What a fun girls night out!

And of course, the one who put it all together — my fabulous sister and partner, Joy!

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