Nora & Leo, the Simple Solution to Positive Parenting!

My sister, Joy, has always been a huge support to me, and now its my turn to support her. I recently photographed the cutest product she developed and I want you to know about it!

I was always amazed that my sister’s kids seemed to WANT to do things that other kids didn’t… like putting the dishes away or picking up their rooms. Then she told me her secret – she used magic fairies. And now, she’s taken her fairies and created an adorable kit that other parents can use to promote positive parenting!

It’s called Nora & Leo, The Simple Solution to Positive Parenting and its a kit for parents of kids between the ages of 4-8. Here’s how it work: As children develop good behavior habits, they earn large, colorful jewels. Once they reach 20 jewels, the good fairies Nora & Leo “magically” replace the jewels with a special reward! It’s like Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy wrapped in one!

Each Positive Parenting Kit includes
• 20 colorful jewels
• a jewel fairy doll or pirate fairy doll
• a treasure chest to store collected jewels
• a progress report counter
• a beautifully illustrated book for parents and children to read together
• a Quick Start guide for parents

The ONLY way get a kit right now is through the Kickstarter campaign, so sign up at the bottom of the website ( or friend Nora & Leo on Facebook to be notified when its about to launch.

How CUTE are these?

positive parenting tools

positive parenting tools

positive parenting tools

For even MORE cuteness, watch this 95 second video to see how it all works!

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