Tea for Two, a mentoring session for YOU!

How cool is this??

Amy Trahant of Take AIM Photography is one of the photographers who recently purchased my xmp files. Today she sent me a few images that she’d created using “jb vintage blue” and “jb sultry.” She gave me permission to post them here…I love it!

Amy is also going to be the first person to participate in my new “Tea for Two” mentoring program. Tea for Two is $200 per hour and catered specifically to you so that you learn what you want to learn! Shoot me an email if you’d like to know more.

Check out the cool images Amy made using my xmp files!! (Remember, xmp files are “recipes” that are applied to RAW files. Because the original file remains untouched, she can easily apply a DIFFERENT xmp file to these images and get a totally new look and a new jpeg. Then, if she wants, she can apply her favorite actions to the jpegs… but she doesn’t have to!)

1 thought on “Tea for Two, a mentoring session for YOU!

  1. Hi Jules! Those are SUCH gorgeous pictures! I really don’t understand all of the photography jargon, but I’m glad that you do! ‘-) Jeanne

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